We are so certain you will love using TGI Payday as your umbrella company that we will refund your fees if we get anything wrong..

We’ve seen first hand how confusing the different options available to contractors can be. Inside IR35 or outside IR35, PAYE, PSC, insurance levels and accountants can be enough to cause you a headache but that’s where we come in.

Even fees can change with some providers who may offer different levels of service but not TGI Payday! Let’s keep it simple, one low rate to cover all your admin and payroll needs without sacrificing quality service. Your calls are answered by real people not machines and we truly care that your experience with us is a happy stress-free one.

We are here to guide our clients and support where needed. We understand the legislation and compliance, we provide fully inclusive insurance (at no additional cost), and you won’t need an accountant. Your tax and NI is deducted and paid to HMRC and you will receive a contract of employment meaning that you will have your statutory employment rights and benefits.

All we need is a copy of your timesheet on a weekly or monthly basis (depending on your billing frequency with your agency) and that’s it! We are here to help and answer any queries from before registration until after you finish contracting so you know you will always have a friendly, informed, and dedicated person to help you.

You can register with us within the same day so it can go as quickly as you need it to.

So, what do you say…TGI Payday it is!


So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch today and speak to a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

Got a K-Code?  Got a pension, an attachment of earnings or any other non-standard payroll requirement?  That’s fine!  We relish a challenge and will ensure you get the best advice exactly when you need it without it affecting payday.

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